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January 25 2018

Studio 1

The Hooded Assasin

I got your back as I straight up creep on 'em fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin II


January 17 2018

Studio 1

Your time has come to Pay Up.

Ok haters, time to face your executioner. Click Click muthafuckas!. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin


January 8 2018

Studio 1

2018 Jump Off!

We have here the Diamond assassin.. Margot Robbie for the Fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin


December 30 2017

Studio 1

On the shoulders of giants I stand.

I stand on the shoulders of giants... to rise above.. the Fuckin haters. ha ha ha! Shout out to my peeps at Google. Love you guys. Mississippi Flush: Class of 2017


December 26 2017

Studio 1

Blonde to Dirrrty Blonde

The bright blonde wasn't workin for me so decided to tone it down. Royal Flush: ScarJo