Live Art and Studio Sessions of Sharif I. Carter

April 27 2019

Studio 1

Put it on a Lock Screen

Wipe of that grin, I know where you've been. It's all been a pack of lies. Mississippi Flush: In the Air Tonight


April 20 2019

Studio 1

Class of 19 forming

Cross my path and the spade shifts to the Flush side.. yeah that's the wesside. Lupita and AKeys II


April 17 2019

Studio 1

Challenge yourself and think bigger

Finding some real solace in this color scheme.. a perfect blend of F.U. this shit ain't for free. Mississippi Flush: Lupita


April 11 2019

Studio 1

Seek Perfection

Find joy in seeking perfection and never attaining it.. cause you're human and haters gonna hate. Mississippi Flush: Lupita


March 29 2019

Studio 1

Your Dreams are valid

0.5mm graphite sketch on raw wood where the spade don't mean shit for the Queen. Mississippi Flush: Lupita


March 16 2019

Studio 1

She grew up in Brooklyn

She don't really care.. she want those diamonds in her ear.. O'YEAH O'YEAH! Royal Flush: AKeys II


March 3 2019

Studio 1

No boundaries no limits

Back on that sketch grind au natural with graphite on raw wood for the homegirl Royal Flush: AKeys II


March 1 2019

Live Event

Temecula Rod Run

Taking a break from the norm to breakout the phat lens for some street photos at the Temecula Rod Run


February 27 2019

Studio 1

Punch Drunk

My vision is clear, awareness is at its peak, and blows are precise when I bleed. Mississippi Flush: Bruce Lee 2


February 7 2019

Studio 1

Be like water

Punch when you have to punch. kick when you have to kick. Mississippi Flush: Bruce Lee 2


January 27 2019

Studio 1

Technically I don't like you

Expect the bullshit, but don't accept it. Royal Flush Gang: Olivia 2


January 13 2019

Studio 1

Always take risks

4 years later. Sorry Not Sorry from Sharif with Love.. and a Royal finga. Royal Flush Gang: Olivia 2


January 6 2019

Studio 1

Framing Espana

Part 2. Se busca vivo o muerto!


January 5 2019

Studio 1

Framing mad giants

Part 1. Giants rise to bring fury one last time for the Muthafuckin haters of '18


January 1 2019

Studio 1

Midnight Run

I'm an artist.. so I paint. "Do Not Fear Mistakes.. There are None." Mississippi Flush: Cool