Live Art and Studio Sessions of Sharif I. Carter

July 8 2018

Studio 1

The Diamond assassin doesn't sleep


June 17 2018

Studio 1

Same Shirt.. New Day.. Too amped. (seriously, change your shirt)

Don't get angry, just show her the evidence. Honesty and Integrity is what The Black Swan demands.


June 7 2018

Studio 1

What's the matter? Y'all scurrrred?

Take flight.. and rise like a Phoenix above all the Muthafuckin haters!! Yes, that's right.. we back in Mississippi with Misty Copeland Part 2: The Black Swan


June 3 2018

Studio 1

Electricity in the Studio

The challenges of color sit on the studio floor for observation as I let the technique marinate for a few months in the Royal Flush Gang Series.


May 12 2018

Studio 1

Change your shirt dude

The sky went dark and she lit em up! Temptress Noche 2018


May 6 2018

Studio 1

Cross the divide

The Flush Kings Bowie and Craig on standby as Queria whips her red dress. Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 28 2018

Studio 1

A point of reference

3 stages of heated rage. You step towards me.. I slay and you drop in the heat. Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 23 2018

Studio 1

Staring Evil in the Eye

Time for a New World Order.. Let's draw! Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 7 2018

Studio 1

I cut em down then I slay em

Back to basics. Queria is back to cut em down and slay em. Let's rip shit up! Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 2 2018

Studio 1

Blue ala Crimson

From a Diamond to a Club let the Queens rule the deck. Royal Flush: Rihanna


March 20 2018

Studio 1

Thought we forgot?

Don't sleep.. still that muthafuckin finga to my muthafuckin haters. Haven't heard from you bitches in a while. Mississippi Flush: 2Pacalypse 3


March 17 2018

Studio 1

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Sketchin the Good Girl Gone Bad. Royal Flush: Rihanna


March 11 2018

Studio 1


Bam! you didn't even have a chance foo.. I'm too beautiful. Mississippi Flush: Ali's Fist


February 20 2018

Studio 1

Ali Fist

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was. Mississippi Flush: Ali's Fist


February 14 2018

Studio 1

Ride or Die Wesssside

2Pacalypse from the grave to the streetz of the Wesssside. Mississippi Flush: 2Pacalypse 3


February 9 2018

Studio 1

Little Red Riding Hood Assassin

Little Red Riding Hood creepin incognito to bring justice to the fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin II


January 25 2018

Studio 1

The Hooded Assasin

I got your back as I straight up creep on 'em fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin II


January 17 2018

Studio 1

Your time has come to Pay Up.

Ok haters, time to face your executioner. Click Click muthafuckas!. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin


January 8 2018

Studio 1

2018 Jump Off!

We have here the Diamond assassin.. Margot Robbie for the Fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin