Live Art and Studio Sessions of Sharif I. Carter

June 17 2018

Studio 1

Same Shirt.. New Day.. Too amped. (seriously, change your shirt)

Was suppose to paint this live but too amped and laid down some serious paint to the tune of P.E.'s Welcome to the Terrordome. Don't get mad, just show me the evidence. Honesty and Integrity Muthfuckas is what The Black Swan demands.


June 7 2018

Studio 1

What's the matter? Y'all scurrrred?

Take flight.. and rise like a Phoenix above all the Muthafuckin haters!! Yes, that's right.. we back in Mississippi with Misty.. The Black Swan


June 3 2018

Studio 1

Electricity in the Studio

The challenges of color sit on the studio floor for observation as I let the technique marinate for a few months in the Royal Flush Gang Series.


May 12 2018

Studio 1

Change your shirt dude

The sky went dark and she lit em up! Temptress Noche 2018


May 6 2018

Studio 1

Cross the divide

The Flush Kings Bowie and Craig on standby as Queria whips her red dress. Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 28 2018

Studio 1

A point of reference

3 stages of heated rage. You step towards me.. I slay and you drop in the heat. Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 23 2018

Studio 1

Staring Evil in the Eye

Time for a New World Order.. Let's draw! Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 7 2018

Studio 1

I cut em down then I slay em

Back to basics. Queria is back to cut em down and slay em. Let's rip shit up! Queria 2018: la tía dura


April 2 2018

Studio 1

Blue ala Crimson

From a Diamond to a Club let the Queens rule the deck. Royal Flush: Rihanna


March 20 2018

Studio 1

Thought we forgot?

Don't sleep.. still that muthafuckin finga to my muthafuckin haters. Haven't heard from you bitches in a while. Mississippi Flush: 2Pacalypse 3


March 17 2018

Studio 1

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Sketchin the Good Girl Gone Bad. Royal Flush: Rihanna


March 11 2018

Studio 1


Bam! you didn't even have a chance foo.. I'm too beautiful. Mississippi Flush: Ali's Fist


February 20 2018

Studio 1

Ali Fist

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was. Mississippi Flush: Ali's Fist


February 14 2018

Studio 1

Ride or Die Wesssside

2Pacalypse from the grave to the streetz of the Wesssside. Mississippi Flush: 2Pacalypse 3


February 9 2018

Studio 1

Little Red Riding Hood Assassin

Little Red Riding Hood creepin incognito to bring justice to the fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin II


January 25 2018

Studio 1

The Hooded Assasin

I got your back as I straight up creep on 'em fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin II


January 17 2018

Studio 1

Your time has come to Pay Up.

Ok haters, time to face your executioner. Click Click muthafuckas!. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin


January 8 2018

Studio 1

2018 Jump Off!

We have here the Diamond assassin.. Margot Robbie for the Fuckin haters. Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin