Live Art and Studio Sessions of Sharif I. Carter

January 27 2019

Studio 1

Technically I don't like you

Expect the bullshit, but don't accept it. Royal Flush Gang: Olivia 2


January 13 2019

Studio 1

Always take risks

4 years later. Sorry Not Sorry from Sharif with Love.. and a finga. Royal Flush Gang: Olivia 2


January 6 2019

Studio 1

Framing Espana

Part 2. Se busca vivo o muerto!


January 5 2019

Studio 1

Framing mad giants

Part 1. Giants rise to bring fury one last time for the Muthafuckin haters of '18


January 1 2019

Studio 1

Midnight Run

I'm an artist.. so I paint. "Do Not Fear Mistakes.. There are None." Mississippi Flush: Cool