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December 29 2015

Live Event

DITTO: Fine Art Prints with Thumbprint Gallery

Getting Back to Basics for 2016 at Bar Basic.


December 22 2015

Live Event

Deck the Walls: a custom skate deck show with Thumbprint Gallery

Throwing down the Titanium White on Mr. Daniel Craig as 007 Spectre.


December 1 2015

Live Event

Overspray III: a stencil art show with Thumbprint Gallery

Fine tuning and grooving on Aaliyah: Queen of Diamonds while 007 Spectre is started.


November 17 2015

Live Event

P.O.P. (pen on paper) with Thumbprint Gallery

Going back and forth with Aaliyah: Queen of Diamonds and the Headphone Masterpiece Cody Chestnutt.


November 3 2015

Live Event

9DEEZ NLUTZ with Thumbprint Gallery

Awww SHIT! WESSIDE! brought Snoop back for the 90s show at Basic.


October 31 2015

Live Event

Live at Eleven After Dark with Baily's Old Town Temecula

It's California Love and I'm painting the legend himself on Halloween night/Day of the Dead. Mississippi Flush: 2Pacalypse


October 13 2015

Live Event

A Simpsons Art Show with Thumbprint Gallery

Adding more detail to the Headphone Master Cody Chestnutt while Hollaback Girl flexes her abs.


September 27 2015


I'm Feeling Hella Good.

after seeing her in concert.. had to do a playing card cause she's just Hella Good. Mississippi Flush Gang: Hollaback Girl


September 26 2015

Live Event

Live at Eleven After Dark with Baily's Old Town Temecula

some work in progress for my Flush ladies. Mississippi Flush: Janet & Hollaback Girl


September 24 2015


Dearly Beloved..

We are gathered here for the next piece in the Prince series. Royal Flush Gang: Purple Rain


September 14 2015


No, My First Name Ain't Baby.

It's Janet. Ms. Jackson if ya Nasty. Mississippi Flush Gang: Janet


August 7 2015

Gallery Show

Immortalized at Distinction Gallery with ArtHatch

I don't often hang art on the wall, but when I do I paint my face.
Mississippi Flush: "I Stole Yo' Mustang Bitch"

Photo Credit: Brandy Sebastian


August 4 2015

Live Event

ART AGAINST HUMANITY with Thumbprint Gallery

Progress on my assassins from the Queria [WANTED] Series.


July 25 2015

Live Event

Live at Eleven After Dark with Baily's Old Town Temecula

Going old School with the Fros tonight. Working on a new piece Mississippi Flush: Pamela Suzette.


July 7 2015

Live Event

SHELLSHOCKED: a TMNT art show with Thumbprint Gallery

Working on the blonde and the Finger tonight. Mississippi Flush: Marilyn Monroe.


July 3 2015

Live Event

First Friday Oceanside Art Walk with Oceanside Cultural Consortium

Live at the historic Star Theater in Oceanside.


June 27 2015

Live Event

Live at Eleven After Dark with Baily's Old Town Temecula

Working a new piece live at Studio 1 for the Immortalized car show at Distinction Gallery. "I Stole your Mustang Bitch" Mississippi Flush.


June 9 2015

Live Event

Big Trouble in East Village with Thumbprint Gallery

Getting shit tight on the King. Mississippi Flush: Smooth Criminal.


June 8 2015


Annie, are you OK?

The baddest motherfucker on the planet Mississippi Flush: Smooth Criminal


June 6 2015

Live Event

Art Around Adams: A 2 Mile Art & Music Walk

My setup this year. Me and the Gang aren't having it. Mississippi Flush Gang.


May 5 2015

Live Event

Revenge of the Fifth: a Star Wars art show with Thumbprint Gallery

Getting a little tired of artists painting Marilyn so she and I decided to flip 'em the bird. Mississippi Flush: Marilyn Monroe.


May 5 2015

Live Event

Revenge of the Fifth: a Star Wars art show with Thumbprint Gallery

May the 4th be with me. Layin down the layers on Mississippi Flush Gang: Angela Bassett.


April 22 2015


Olivia Bolivia...

More hair detail on the Queen of Spades Olivia Wilde


April 21 2015


Wilde is in the Eye...

Detailing the Queen of Spades card held by Olivia Wilde


April 7 2015

Live Event

DISfunctional: a Disturbed Disney Art Show with Thumbprint Gallery

More progress on the Queria [WANTED] Series. Arantxa is the silent one you don't see coming.


March 24 2015

Live Event

Aliens vs Zombies: Thumbprint Gallery

Queria [WANTED]: Jediah & Arantxa.


March 10 2015

Live Event

Lasting Impressions: a Sharpie Art show with Thumbprint Gallery

They got the block on lock the trunk stay locked.. the glock on cock the block stay hot! DANGER! DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.


February 17 2015

Live Event

Cereal Killers: a custom cereal box show with Thumbprint Gallery

Another Mississippi Flush killer... Flea.


January 27 2015

Live Event

Retro Future: a Steampunk show with Thumbprint Gallery

Still on the TLC tip. Left Eye and Leah in your face.


January 15 2015


Stop Fucking Wit Me. Make me Wanna Scream



January 13 2015

Live Event

Let it Be: a Beatles tribute show with Thumbprint Gallery

Finally. BASIC Tuesday falls on MY BIRTHDAY!! working on new Mississippi Flush Gang shit. MJJ: Scream and Left Eye